Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission. The mission of The Bionetics Corporation is to deliver valued, cost-effective solutions to the challenges our clients face through enduring strategic partnerships, and to do so in an environment of integrity and trust.

Vision. Our corporate vision is to be a vibrant, growing company that is recognized by clients and competitors alike as a leader in the markets we serve. Within our customer base, we will be known as a company that builds strategic, enduring partnerships with our clients such that we can anticipate and respond to their future needs

The values that define Bionetics are integral to every aspect of our organization.

  • Developing our People. We believe that the foundation of quality product and service delivery is a motivated workforce that is given the tools and training required for their professional development. Throughout our corporate history, we have concentrated on recruiting and retaining top performers in each business area. We use training, mentoring, educational opportunities, professional association memberships and succession planning as tools to promote a highly skilled and effective workforce. When our people succeed, Bionetics succeeds.
  • Partnering with our Clients. Many companies talk about partnership, but few deliver on it. At Bionetics, we strive to work with our customers to identify needs, trends and emerging requirements. This approach allow us to anticipate and plan for the skills and capabilities we must develop to continue being a highly valued service provider. Our success in implementing this approach is evidenced by the multiple customer programs where we have provided over 20 years of uninterrupted service.
  • Actively Managing Performance. We actively manage our performance by fostering open communications with both our clients and employees alike. Bionetics believes in providing our clients with complete visibility into their program(s) status. This continuous interaction ensures that we proactively meet our client’s needs and expectations. We formally review our performance and hold our managers accountable for customer service and satisfaction.
  • Commitment to Quality. Bionetics has and continues to make significant investments to implement industry leading quality programs, such as the ISO-9000:2015 certification of select corporate business functions, and our assistance in helping clients achieve laboratory or industry certifications such as ISO-17025 in our Metrology programs.

Integrity. Integrity is the core of our success. We will conduct our business operations in a highly ethical manner. Every Bionetics employee will know what is expected of them and how to respond to any perceived or real ethical challenge.