NASA Research Scientist

POSITION TITLE:                          NASA Research Scientist
LOCATION:                                    NASA Ames Research Center
HOURS:                                          Scheduled hours may vary dependent upon contract requirements


Conduct biological research associated with one or more complex projects within the NASA Ames Research Center’s Bioengineering Branch. Primary focus will be on designing, building, and analyzing a microbiology experiment for the International Space Station (ISS). The goal of the experiment is to complete multi-omics analysis of Arthrospira platensis during 6-months of continuous photoautotrophic growth.


  • Master’s degree from an accredited university in a biological discipline with 3+ years’ professional experience or a Doctoral degree with 0-3 years’ of experience.
  • Laboratory experience in genomics, molecular biology, microbiology/plant biology, biochemistry/analytical chemistry, omics sample preparation, and omics data analysis.
  • Familiarity with best practices for working with hazardous materials and willingness to adhere to NASA-defined processes.
  • Experience with Microsoft Office and command line computer operating systems such as Linux, Unix, or R.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with scientists, engineers, and external scientific service providers from a wide range of technical backgrounds.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills as well as analytical problem-solving abilities.
  • Track record of communicating scientific results through conference presentations and peer-reviewed journal articles.
  • Capacity to work independently and efficiently with minimal instruction.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a team environment.


  • Complete experimental research to determine spaceflight experiment design requirements, develop/build the flight payload, and prepare samples for omics analysis.
  • Support science components of flight operations that may require travel and/or extended hours.
  • Conceive and design laboratory experiments and actively participate in project planning.
  • Generate, record, analyze, and compile experimental data.
  • Complete statistical analysis of whole genome sequences, transcriptome sequences, proteomics, and metabolomics data.
  • Submit data to appropriate public databases.
  • Prepare figures for presentation/publication and collaborate with other scientists in publishing research findings.
  • Draft scientific materials for public outreach and/or publication.
  • Present research at scientific conferences.
  • Maintain a safe and organized laboratory area.
  • Perform laboratory duties including management of materials and supplies, equipment, and operations.
  • Identify materials and equipment needed for experiments, obtain product information, identify vendors, and assist in the preparation of material and supply acquisition.
  • Oversee general state of the laboratory, including scheduled waste removal, decontamination of surfaces, and instrument calibration/upkeep.
  • Carry out assigned duties in a manner consistent with defined safety policies and report any safety incidents, potential hazards, or close calls. Assist with identifying and eliminating any unsafe conditions.


  • Perform other related duties as assigned.


  • Occasionally – Squatting/Crouching, Climbing, Kneeling
  • Often – Reaching, Standing, Sitting, Walking, Stooping, Pushing, Pulling, Talking, Hearing, Seeing
  • Lifting/Moving Requirements – Minimum of 25 pounds occasionally


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NASA Research Associate

POSITION TITLE:                          NASA Research Associate
LOCATION:                                    NASA Ames Research Center
HOURS:                                          Scheduled hours may vary dependent upon contract requirements



The GeneLab project is an omics repository enabling open science for NASA and offers the research community access to spaceflight data sets.  GeneLab is critical component supporting NASA’s overall objectives to discover and explore deeper into space.  NASA is actively conducting biological research on the ground and in microgravity aboard the International Space Station; in the process, many samples are produced that require processing for omics analysis. The GeneLab Sample Processing Lab is seeking an experience next generation sequencing (NGS) Research Associate with a background in Molecular Biology to support our Genomics and Sequencing Core to support evaluating new methods, processing critical samples, and working with our scientific community to standardize and publish SOPs.

This role will require a strong lab presence.


  1. The incumbent shall have as a minimum bachelor’s in science in molecular biology, bio-chemistry, bio-engineering or related field, and 2+ years’ experience in a molecular biology lab.
  2. Experience in a Molecular Biology lab
  3. Experience in next generation sequencing applications
  4. Proficiency in RNA and DNA extractions from various sample types
  5. Proficiency in library preparation (e.g. Illumina, Kapa)
  6. Experience utilizing robots to automate laboratory processes
  7. Proficiency in aseptic technique
  8. Must be a U.S. Citizenship or Permanent Resident Status
  9. Strong interpersonal and communication skills (English written and oral) are highly desired
  10. Strong attention to detail is highly desired
  11. Ability to work independently with minimal guidance while consistently exercising good judgement is highly desired


  • Perform RNA, DNA, protein extractions from critical, irreplaceable tissues, bacterial and mammalian cell samples
  • Perform library preparation and quality control for NGS
  • Work with lab automation robotics; liquid handlers, automated RNA/DNA extractors
  • Be able to reproducibly follow established procedures as well as troubleshoot experiments as necessary.
  • Be able to perform molecular biology work in pre-PCR and post-PCR lab environment while adhering to safety guidelines
  • Perform assays, cell culturing, PCR and other molecular biology techniques on an as-needed basis
  • Accurately and consistently record experiment details, materials, results and conclusions using lab notebook and currently established methods
  • Should be able to present findings and convey comprehensive project status reviews using technical reports and presentations
  • Establish good sample tracking (LIMS) system and manage metadata information relevant to the samples/extracts/libraries
  • Review and provide guidance to PI’s on inquiries about sequencing standards and services
  • Write protocols and methods for datasets and scientific publications
  • Support science communication efforts including lab tours, conferences, and writing articles


  • Perform other related duties as assigned.


  • Occasionally – Squatting/Crouching, Climbing, Kneeling
  • Often – Reaching, Standing, Sitting, Walking, Stooping, Pushing, Pulling, Talking, Hearing, Seeing
    • Speaking – Verbal communication using the English language
    • Written Communication – Produce written work using the English language
    • Seeing – Must be able to read reports and use computers and other office electronics
    • Hearing – Must be able to hear well enough to communicate with co-workers
    • Fingering/Grasping/Feeling – Must be able to write, type and use phone system
  • Organization – Prioritize multiple, competing assignments
  • Performance Level – Perform effectively in a fast paced, demanding work environment
  • Travel Requirement – Must be willing to travel as necessary to meet business needs.
  • Lifting/Moving Requirements – Minimum of 25 pounds occasionally



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