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The Bionetics Corporation Acquires Intek, Inc. Assets

31 May 2022 – The Bionetics Corporation has acquired the assets of Intek Inc. to continue the legacy of the RheoTherm and RheoVac products and associated services. The Bionetics Corporation is a diversified engineering and government services firm with robust capabilities and in-depth technical talent to continue serving Intek clients and expand operations into new fields. Through this transition, The Bionetics Corporation has retained key Intek staff and capabilities to continue supporting fielded units as well as engineer new solutions for the future. Operated by our Engineering and Manufacturing Services (EMS) Division in Heath, Ohio, The Bionetics Corporation is proud to expand our capability offerings into the Flow Meter and support related industries to solve your engineering challenges. Through this transaction The Bionetics Corporation expands our existing engineering and manufacturing services to support current Bionetics customers and is positioned to offer additional value to Intek clients through expanded capabilities.

At this time, operations for the RheoTherm and RheoVac product lines are being reestablished and our sales team working to continue former services and operations. We look forward to partnering with you and continuing the great legacy left by Intek, Inc.

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Below is a summary of current capabilities offered:


    • Legacy Weapon System Support
    • Advanced Weapon System Design
    • Advanced Navigation and Guidance Systems
    • Advanced Gyroscope and Measurement System
    • Reverse Engineering and Documentation
    • Legacy Software Support and Programming
    • Electronic Part Supply & Repair
    • Design and Development
        • Wiring Harness
        • Circuit Board
        • Cables
        • Test Equipment


    • Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortage Management (DMSMS)
    • Obsolescent Part Manufacturing/Engineering
    • Material Kitting
    • Custom Cable Harness
    • Custom Lighting, Power, and Thermal
    • System Design and Development
    • Mission Concept of Operations
    • (CONOPS) Planning and Execution
    • Custom Testbed Development
    • Laboratory Operations

      Facilities and Laboratories

      • 2-Axis & 3-Axis Rate Tables
      • Thermal Chambers (Cycle, Vacuum)
      • Shock and Vibration Table
      • NIST Compliant Testing and Metrology
      • Class 1K and 10K Clean Rooms
      • Vibration, Roll
      • Water-Tight Immersion Testing
      • EEE Parts Management, Source Control Drawings, Upscreening/Qualification
      • EMI/EMC & Grounding / Bonding
      • Power Quality
      • Custom Battery Packs and Safety Circuitry
      • Electrical / Physical
      • Lighting Development Laboratory

      Flow Management

      • Precision flow and temperature measuring instrumentation
      • Low flow meters for liquid and gas
      • Duct flow meters
      • Flow and level switches
      • Custom process measurements
      • Precision manufacturing of electronic systems
      • System integration and testing
      • Power plant condenser monitoring and performance optimization

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